Updated: Dec 9, 2020

Hello all,

My name is Phoebe Robinson and I am PAINTED'S lead artist and manager.

A little bit about me..

I am a strong willed, curious, passionate, go getter. I love to take on new challenges!

A big passion of mine, is to bring fun and excitement into people's lives.

Being a risk taker has shaped me into who I am today and has empowered me to take on obscene challenges.. But most people would just call me crazy!

Being a risk taker isn't always easy, and often comes with mistakes, uncertainty, change, fear, overwhelm and self-doubt. But one thing that I stand by is 'mistakes shape you'. I don't see failure as 'failure', I see it as a lesson, I see it as progress to the next step, the next risk.

I am who I am today because of these lessons, because I chose to have a different perspective and outlook on the meaning of growth and wisdom.


I loved creating as a child! But I was quick to let my skill and passion for art die down as I reached my pre-teens. My life wasn't normal and definitely wasn't easy. I had to face many hurdles and hardships from a very young age. I no longer had time for art.. or fun.

HOWEVER, something would always nudge me back to the passionate, creative child I always was. Creative opportunities found me and brought me back to the direction I always wanted to go.

At 18 years old I met a famous street artist called 'THE HULA' in Mount Maunganui at a street art festival called 'Street Prints'.

This guy was inspiring! He painted massive portraits on river banks, Icebergs and trees! I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to show 'The Hula" some of my sketches. From there he told me that I must learn to paint, as he was shocked by my natural talent. SO I DID.

The following week I learnt to paint on three canvases and from there I landed myself 5 walls on Mount Maunganui Main Street.

(first painting)

(Second painting)

(Third painting)

(First Walls)

I was so passionate about painting people's stories, about painting what life meant to me at that point of time. I WANTED TO PAINT HOPE.. Because I was struggling to understand what that looked like.


The purpose of painted is to get the community of Hamilton to experience the joy of creating and learning a new skill. Maybe you haven't painted since primary school.. Why don't you try it again? Grab your friends, grab a drink and relax, you deserve it!

I know for myself that it can be hard to find things to do in Hamilton that are actually enjoyable, unique and aim to teach you a new skill.

Let's step out of our normal routine and try a new hobby, you might just find it therapeutic.

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